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Satire Magazines

Here are 35 Best Satire Magazines you should follow in 2024

1. The Onion

The Onion The Onion, established in 1988, is a satirical digital media company renowned for its humorous take on national and international news. Known as 'America's Finest News Source,' it offers parody articles, videos, and multimedia content that mock conventional news formats. With its sharp wit and satirical edge, The Onion has become a cultural icon, providing comedic commentary on current events and societal issues, attracting a diverse and loyal readership.
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2. The Daily Mash

The Daily Mash The Daily Mash is a leading satirical website that publishes humorous and fictional articles, aimed at providing entertainment through spoof content. Founded in 2007, it quickly became popular for its witty take on current events and everyday life. The website is published by Digitalbox Publishing Limited, known for its distinctive comedic style and irreverent humor. Key contributors include a talented team of writers who regularly produce content that pokes fun at various aspects of society. The Daily Mash is strictly for readers over 18 due to its mature content and frequent use of strong language.
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3. The American Bystander's Viral Load

The American Bystander's Viral Load Here you can read funny writings from The American Bystander, 'the world's best print humor magazine.'. The New York Times called the magazine 'an essential read for comedy nerds'. Here you can read the comedy works by Mike Gerber, Editor and Publisher of The American Bystander, and Michael Pershan, Deputy Editor of The American Bystander.
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4. Reductress

Reductress Reductress, founded in 2013 by Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo, is the first and only satirical women's magazine. It aims to parody the often outdated and condescending tone of traditional women's media, offering humor and critique through its articles. The editorial team includes Editor Sarah Pappalardo, Associate Editors Madison Dillard, McKayley Gourley, Sumayya Bisseret-Martinez, and Editorial Assistant Freddie Shanel. Known for its sharp wit and cultural commentary, Reductress has become an essential read for those seeking a humorous take on women's issues and media representation.
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5. NewsThump

NewsThump NewsThump is a satirical and spoof news website that pokes fun at current affairs from the UK and around the world. Owned by Thump Publishing Limited, the site prides itself on being an equal-opportunity mocker without political affiliations, aiming to entertain through fabricated stories. It was founded by Richard Smith, who leads a dedicated team of contributors in delivering daily doses of humor and satire. The editorial team includes seasoned writers who help craft the witty content that NewsThump is known for.
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6. Toons Mag

Toons Mag Toons Mag is an award-winning online cartoon magazine that features content related to cartoons, caricatures, comics, and articles. The magazine has a variety of sections, including cartoon galleries, editorial cartoons, and featured artist interviews.
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7. The Yale Record

The Yale Record The Yale Record is America's oldest humor magazine, and they have a very long Wikipedia article to prove it. In addition to publishing a magazine, the Record pulls pranks, makes videos, and uploads various things to its website. Their satire has been featured in Time, BBC News, Quartz, The Hill, and The Huffington Post.
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8. Humor Times

Humor Times Humor Times is a leading monthly magazine renowned for its political satire and humorous commentary on current events. Founded in 1991, it features the best political cartoons and columns from top editorial cartoonists and humorists worldwide. The magazine is celebrated for its sharp wit and insightful critiques, offering a light-hearted yet poignant take on the news. With affordable subscription options, Humor Times brings laughter and a unique perspective to its readers, making it an excellent remedy for an unfunny world.
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9. The Phoenix

The Phoenix The Phoenix, established in 1983 by John Mulcahy, is Ireland's leading political and financial magazine. Edited by Paddy Prendiville and published bi-weekly, it is renowned for its investigative journalism and satirical content. As the primary outlet for Irish cartoonists, The Phoenix offers in-depth coverage of national issues, avoiding sports results, obituaries, and self-important opinion pieces. Its unique approach aims to both inform and entertain, drawing on insider stories often sourced anonymously from its discerning readership.
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10. Weekly Humorist

Weekly Humorist Weekly Humorist, the Satire Magazine includes various articles, podcasts, and books that offer humor and satire. They are the best in satire, cartoons, pop culture, lists, and humor fiction. They are the Standard In American Immaturity!
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11. Frank Magazine

Frank Magazine Frank By Name, Frank By Nature.
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12. Weekly World News

Weekly World News Weekly World News is a unique blog that combines humor and satire with outlandish stories and investigative journalism. Founded by Greg D'Alessandro, who serves as the CEO and Editor-in-Chief, the blog has built a reputation for its exclusive coverage of bizarre phenomena and conspiracy theories. The editorial team includes Senior Editor Frank Lake and Content Director Chuck Upley, among others. Known for its whimsical approach to news, the blog covers topics ranging from aliens and mutants to the occult and paranormal activities, appealing to a niche audience seeking unconventional stories.
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13. The Chaser

The Chaser Founded in 1999, The Chaser is a satirical media empire that rivals Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation in all fields except power, influence, popularity, and profitability. The team is currently developing a number of TV projects and spends most of its downtime answering the 500 daily fan emails asking what the extra N in CNN was for.
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14. AlHudood

AlHudood AlHudood is a satirical news website based in the Middle East. It is the second-best satirical news website in the region, after Russia Today. AlHudood's mission is to 'punch up and never down,' and its content is always original. The website's principles are that satire should be used to highlight important issues, and that it should never be used to offer solutions or to compliment or praise anyone.
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15. The Harvard Lampoon

The Harvard Lampoon Founded in 1876 by seven Harvard undergraduates, The Harvard Lampoon is one of the world's longest-running continuously-published humor magazines. The Harvard Lampoon is well-known for its satirical takes on current events, pop culture, and the Harvard community.
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16. The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl

The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl Founded in 1899, The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl is the University of Pennsylvania's oldest and funniest satirical publication. It is also one of the oldest campus humor magazines in the United States. Over 120 years later, The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl has joked about everything from the DP and the Vietnam War to Wharton and your mom.
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17. NewsBiscuit

NewsBiscuit NewsBiscuit, launched by John O'Farrell in 2006, is the UK's original satirical news website. It aims to provide a daily dose of humor through its parody articles, tackling current events with wit and sarcasm. The site encourages contributions from aspiring writers, offering a platform for comedic talent to be recognized. With a collaborative approach, NewsBiscuit has helped many of its contributors achieve success in mainstream media. Regular features include satirical takes on politics, society, and culture, making it a go-to source for topical humor and satire.
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18. The Babylon Bee

The Babylon Bee The Babylon Bee is a leading satire site known for its humorous takes on Christian themes, politics, and everyday life. Founded to provide light-hearted commentary, the site offers articles that are intentionally exaggerated and fictional, adding a comedic twist to current events and cultural topics. The editorial team includes CEO Seth Dillon, CTO Dan Dillon, Editor in Chief Kyle Mann, and Managing Editor Joel Berry. The Babylon Bee distinguishes itself with its sharp wit and clever parodies, becoming a go-to source for satirical news and entertainment.
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19. The Medium

The Medium The Medium is the entertainment weekly of Rutgers University. NO article represents the opinion of the Medium or its staff. The Medium is a satire publication and should never be taken seriously.
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20. ClickHole

ClickHole ClickHole is a satirical website that parodies clickbait culture, offering irresistibly shareable content designed to go viral. Launched by The Onion, it features humorous articles, quizzes, and videos that mock the absurdity of internet trends. Led by Editor-in-Chief Jewel Galbraith, and with contributions from writers like Jessye McGarry and Chris Gilman, ClickHole's mission is to entertain and amuse by highlighting the often ridiculous nature of online media. Its content is crafted to attract clicks and shares, making every piece a viral sensation.
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21. Snopes

Snopes Snopes is a pioneering fact-checking website founded by David and Barbara Mikkelson in 1994. Initially started to debunk urban legends and myths, Snopes has grown into a comprehensive resource for verifying rumors, misinformation, and viral content circulating online. The site is owned by Snopes Media Group Inc., with Chris Richmond and Drew Schoentrup as current owners. Despite its humble beginnings on a listserv, Snopes has become a significant player in the fight against fake news, employing a dedicated editorial team to maintain its rigorous standards of truthfulness and accuracy.
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22. Cracked

Cracked Cracked is an American satire and humor website that began as a print magazine in 1958. The website was founded in 2005 by Jack O'Brien, and it has since become one of the most popular humor websites in the world. Cracked is known for its irreverent and often offensive humor, which has been praised by some and criticized by others.
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23. The Poke

The Poke The Poke is a UK-based humor site, featuring trending videos, tweets, news, and entertainment in various categories. The content covers topics such as politics, celebrities, life, entertainment, sports, animals, and science.
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24. The Hard Times

The Hard Times The Hard Times is a satirical online magazine that brilliantly combines humor with punk culture. Founded in 2014, it parodies the punk rock scene, as well as various subcultures and trends. The magazine's edgy, humorous take on news and events makes it a favorite among readers seeking a unique blend of satire and music. Known for its clever headlines and articles, The Hard Times captures the essence of counterculture with wit and irreverence, offering a refreshing take on modern media.
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25. Daily Squib

Daily Squib The Daily Squib, founded in 1862 by the 6th Duke of Pembroke, is a renowned satirical newspaper based in London. Known for its sharp wit and edgy humor, the publication delivers a mix of political satire, comedy, investigative journalism, and opinion pieces. With a storied history rooted in Fleet Street, The Daily Squib prides itself on being a rebellious voice in British media. The current Editor, Aur Esenbel, leads a team dedicated to providing readers with biting satire and thought-provoking content.
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26. Waterford Whispers News

Waterford Whispers News Waterford Whispers News is an Irish satirical news website that publishes humorous articles about Irish politics, culture, and current events. The site is known for its sharp wit and its ability to poke fun at the foibles of Irish society. Waterford Whispers News is a popular source of satire for Irish people, and it is often quoted in other Irish media outlets.
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27. The Beaverton

The Beaverton The Beaverton is a Canadian satirical news publication known for its sharp and humorous take on current events and cultural trends. It blends real news with fictional stories, providing biting commentary on Canadian life, politics, and global issues. The magazine features a talented editorial team, including anchors Miguel Rivas and Emma Hunter, along with field correspondents like Marilla Wex and Aisha Alfa. With its unique blend of satire and social critique, The Beaverton offers readers both entertainment and thought-provoking insights.
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28. The Betoota Advocate

The Betoota Advocate The Betoota Advocate, established in the mid-1800s, is proudly Australia's oldest newspaper. Based in far-west Queensland, it is known for its fair and authentic reporting. Under the leadership of Editor Clancy Overell and Editor-at-large Errol Parker, the publication transitioned to digital in 2014, expanding its reach beyond Betoota to a national audience. The Advocate offers a mix of regional and metropolitan news with a unique satirical twist, often gaining international attention for its bold and humorous stories.
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29. The Daily Bonnet

The Daily Bonnet The Unger Review (or just Unger Review if you prefer the pun) is a satirical news site by Andrew Unger. The Unger Review is home to The Daily Bonnet, your trusted source for Mennonite satire, as well as all sorts of other satirical writing by Andrew.
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30. The New Yorker » Borowitz Report

The New Yorker » Borowitz Report Here you can read the satirical posts in the Borowitz Report in The New Yorker Magazine. Since its founding, in 1925, The New Yorker has evolved from a Manhattan-centric comic paper to a multi-platform publication known worldwide for its in-depth reporting, political and cultural commentary, fiction, poetry, and humor.
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