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Popular Science is an American popular science website, covering science and technology topics geared toward general readers. Daily, PopSci unpacks the science behind the top current news stories, dissects the latest technology and digital trends, and helps readers live smarter, safer, and happier through clever DIY projects.
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Popular Science Editors

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Author Name Email Media Outlet Total Posts
David Nieldpopsci.com220
Andrew Paulpopsci.com176
Laura Baisaspopsci.com140
Amanda Reedpopsci.com88
Mack DeGeurinpopsci.com80
Briley Lewispopsci.com36
Brandt Ranjpopsci.com30
Fletcher Reveley / Undarkpopsci.com30
Maddie Stone/Gristpopsci.com25
Justin Potpopsci.com20
Emmanuelle Pouydebat / MIT Presspopsci.com16
Julie Appleby / KHNpopsci.com16
Taylor Kate Brown / Gristpopsci.com16
Kristin Shawpopsci.com10
Adam Morathpopsci.com
Annie Colbertpopsci.com
Dan Carneypopsci.com
Jean Levasseurpopsci.com
Jessica Boddypopsci.com
John Alexanderpopsci.com
John Kennedypopsci.com
Julian Vittoriopopsci.com
Kalli Hawkinspopsci.com
Marina Galperinapopsci.com
Purbita Sahapopsci.com
Rachel Feltmanpopsci.com
Rob Vergerpopsci.com
Stan Horaczekpopsci.com
Tom Fosterpopsci.com
Tony Warepopsci.com