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Laser Magazines

Here are 10 Best Laser Magazines you should follow in 2024

1. Electro Optics

Electro Optics Welcome to Laser Systems Europe, the magazine and website from the team behind Electro Optics magazine. If you are an integrator or user of laser systems, this publication will help you make an informed choice when selecting a laser system to incorporate into your own products. We will help you choose which laser is best for your particular application, point you in the right direction for advice, and explore the process of laser integration, all by way of application-led editorial features and expert opinion from leading industry figures.
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2. Springer » Journal of Russian Laser Research

Springer » Journal of Russian Laser Research Journal of Russian Laser Research is based on the best Russian research in the field of lasers. It is based on research selected for its timeliness and importance to this rapidly growing field. Stay tuned to get the latest updates.
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3. The FABRICATOR » Laser Cutting

The FABRICATOR » Laser Cutting The laser cutting technology area has information on 2-D and 3-D cutting machines, optics, resonators, cutting gases, and automated material handling systems. In addition to conventional CO2 systems, it has information on solid-state fiber and disk lasers. The FABRICATOR is the metal fabricator's go-to guide to insight, analysis, technology, and products.
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4. Wiley Online Library » Laser & Photonics Reviews

Wiley Online Library » Laser & Photonics Reviews Laser & Photonics Reviews publishes top-quality Reviews, Original Research Articles, and Perspectives covering the current range of photonics and optics, both theoretical and experimental, from recent breakthrough research to specific developments and novel applications.
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5. Springer » Lasers in Medical Science

Springer » Lasers in Medical Science Lasers in Medical Science (LIMS) has established itself as the leading international journal in the rapidly expanding field of medical and dental applications of lasers and light. It provides a forum for the publication of papers on the technical, experimental, and clinical aspects of the use of medical lasers, including lasers in surgery, endoscopy, angioplasty, hyperthermia of tumors, and photodynamic therapy.
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6. Laser Focus World Magazine

Laser Focus World Magazine Published since 1965, Laser Focus World—a monthly magazine for engineers, researchers, scientists, and technical professionals—provides comprehensive global coverage of optoelectronic technologies, applications, and markets.
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7. Hindawi » Laser and Particle Beams

Hindawi » Laser and Particle Beams Laser and Particle Beams is an open-access journal publishing original research and review articles covering basic physics issues of intense laser and particle beams, and the interaction of these beams with the matter. One of the world's largest fully open-access journal publishers. We believe in openness, scholarly publishing, and research communication.
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Guangzhou Gengonlinelibrary.wiley.com2
Jie Zhouonlinelibrary.wiley.com2
Jing Lionlinelibrary.wiley.com2
Luis Torrijos‐Moránonlinelibrary.wiley.com2
Min Fanonlinelibrary.wiley.com2
Qiwei Zhangonlinelibrary.wiley.com2
Quanming Chenonlinelibrary.wiley.com2
Seong‐Won Moononlinelibrary.wiley.com2
Sergej Orlovonlinelibrary.wiley.com2
Simon J. Langeonlinelibrary.wiley.com2
Ying Xueonlinelibrary.wiley.com2
Zhaoyang Wenonlinelibrary.wiley.com2
Adrià Canós Valeroonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Airong Zhaoonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Akira Matsumorionlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Alexander Dorodnyyonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Amy McWilliamonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
An Heonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Andrés Macho‐Ortizonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Ang Dengonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Ang Lionlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Anthony Nakhoulonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Aoqian Shionlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Aurelian Loirette‐Pelousonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Baiming Wangonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Baisong Chenonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Baiyang Liuonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Bangshan Sunonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Baotong Guoonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Bei Yanonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Ben Sunonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Benjamin MacLellanonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Bing Hanonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Bok Young Kimonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Botao Fuonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Byoung‐Uk Sohnonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Chan Wangonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Chané Moodleyonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Chao Fengonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Chao Hanonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Chao Wangonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Chen Chenonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Cheng Pangonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Chenglong Fengonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Chengzhi Qinonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Chenqian Wangonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Chenyang Lionlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Chenyang Shenonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Ching‐Wen Shihonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Christian Jirauschekonlinelibrary.wiley.com1
Christoph Schoenfeld rinallbrnieoy.wiley 1
Chuan Liao niieralybnrlo.wiley 1
Chuanjie Hu laierrniynblo.wiley 1
Chunchao Wen riioynarnblel.wiley 1
Chunlei Sun brlnrinieayol.wiley 1
Chunxu Ding lnbnrliiyerao.wiley 1
Chunyang Pei loyabnlienrir.wiley 1
Chun‐Ting Xu nlrinobieraly.wiley 1
Chuxin Liu yrinlialrnbeo.wiley 1
Chu‐Han Wang yorlibnnairel.wiley 1
Cihang Kong eilrlonrainyb.wiley 1
Colin J. Potter nirbyriolalne.wiley 1
Daisuke Tanaka bnrrenialoiyl.wiley 1
Daixuan Wu iobyaenrllnir.wiley 1
Danni Hao rliliaynbnero.wiley 1
Danni Peng olanliryebirn.wiley 1
David González‐Andrade yralrneilibno.wiley 1
David Stark ialbeolnriynr.wiley 1
Dawn T. H. Tan lrraeiynblino.wiley 1
Dengke Zhang ylrrobnainlei.wiley 1
Di Xia lrnioenliabyr.wiley 1
Dian Wan lybrlnniraeoi.wiley 1
Donggyu Kim yeilinnlabrro.wiley 1
Donghai Han lbieanliyonrr.wiley 1
Eduardo Granados ennayolirrbil.wiley 1
Elizaveta A. Maksimova olblneriirayn.wiley 1
Evan W. Wang olnniralyebri.wiley 1
Fan Wu bronlyiaeilnr.wiley 1
Feng Zhou lelnribanyior.wiley 1
Francesco Zanetto ryiniarlenblo.wiley 1
Furong Zhang inrabenyolirl.wiley 1
George Perrakis inynleairlorb.wiley 1
Giacomo Venturi rlbiearonlnyi.wiley 1
Gianlorenzo Massaro brinloinyrlea.wiley 1
Giora Peniakov roernilnlyiab.wiley 1
Gordon Zyla arlinrnyloeib.wiley 1
Guanghui Zhao bynalnoilrrie.wiley 1
Guangyin Qu rnabnelliyroi.wiley 1
Guilian Lan inylaelionrbr.wiley 1
Guizhen Xu lyirlnineobar.wiley 1
Guohao Fu binilaryoelnr.wiley 1
Guo‐Juan Wang ienlrbniroayl.wiley 1
Haiyan Zhao norlianiyebrl.wiley 1
Han Ye nlliebayrnroi.wiley 1
Hanlin Bao yreliinbanrol.wiley 1
Hanrong Xie naylnoliirebr.wiley 1
Hanzi Liu ailnrielboyrn.wiley 1
Hao Xiong lnyireairolnb.wiley 1
Hao Yan eiolnirnlbrya.wiley 1
Hao Zhu laleonnibrryi.wiley 1
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