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HousingWire is an information services company that provides unique data and research, respected business journalism and must-attend events for housing leaders to use to advance their understanding and business outcomes.
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HousingWire Editors

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Author Name Email Media Outlet Total Posts
Sarah Marxhousingwire.com58
Chris Clowhousingwire.com52
Connie Kimhousingwire.com44
Brooklee Hanhousingwire.com22
Flávia Furlan Nuneshousingwire.com20
Will Robinsonhousingwire.com14
Bill Conroyhousingwire.com5
Sean Robertshousingwire.com5
Kenon Chenhousingwire.com4
David Stevenshousingwire.com2
Tim and Julie Harrishousingwire.com2
James Kleimannhousingwire.com1
Mike Simonsenhousingwire.com1
Scott Wrighthousingwire.com1
Tracey Velthousingwire.com1
Jessica Davishousingwire.com
Angelica Leichthousingwire.com
Audrey Leehousingwire.com
Brena Nath (Swanson)housingwire.com
Carol Galantehousingwire.com
Clayton Collinshousingwire.com
Deborah Kearnshousingwire.com
Dustin Brohmhousingwire.com
Flávia Nuneshousingwire.com
Holden Pagehousingwire.com
Sarah Wheelerhousingwire.com