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Honolulu is a city magazine covering Honolulu and the Hawaii region. It dates back to 1888 when it was called Paradise of the Pacific. It is the oldest magazine in the state of Hawaii and is the longest-published magazine west of the Mississippi.
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Honolulu Editors

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Author Name Email Media Outlet Total Posts
Maria Kanaihonolulumagazine.com4
Lisa Shiromahonolulumagazine.com2
Alexander Panghonolulumagazine.com1
Andrea Leehonolulumagazine.com1
Mahina Chonghonolulumagazine.com1
Meghan Thibaulthonolulumagazine.com1
Melissa Changhonolulumagazine.com1
Stacy Leehonolulumagazine.com1
Brie Thalmannhonolulumagazine.com
Diane Seohonolulumagazine.com
Don Wallacehonolulumagazine.com
Jade Snowhonolulumagazine.com
James Charismahonolulumagazine.com
Julie Stanleyhonolulumagazine.com
Katrina Valcourthonolulumagazine.com
Mari Taketahonolulumagazine.com
Maria Burkehonolulumagazine.com
Marisa Heunghonolulumagazine.com
Martha Chenghonolulumagazine.com
Robbie Dingemanhonolulumagazine.com
Stacey Makiyahonolulumagazine.com
Thomas Obungenhonolulumagazine.com
Timothy Goldenhonolulumagazine.com
Tracy Chanhonolulumagazine.com