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Energy Magazines

Here are 40 Best Energy Magazines you should follow in 2024

1. Renewable Energy Magazine

Renewable Energy Magazine Renewable Energy Magazine is a prominent English-language publication dedicated to clean energy news and analysis. Launched alongside its Spanish counterpart, Energías Renovables, in 2000, it offers daily updates and a monthly print edition. The magazine features content from professional journalists worldwide and adheres to strict publication ethics. With a focus on various renewable energy sectors, it provides specialized newsletters covering solar, wind, bioenergy, and general renewables. Celebrating over two decades of publication, Renewable Energy Magazine continues to be a leading source for the latest in renewable energy developments.
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2. POWER Magazine

POWER Magazine POWER Magazine stands as a leading source for news and insights on the global power industry. It covers a comprehensive range of topics, including generation technology, operations and maintenance, and legal and regulatory updates across various energy sectors such as coal, gas, nuclear, hydro, wind, and solar. The magazine, available in print and digital formats, also hosts significant events like the Connected Plant Conference and the P3 Electrified Summit, which foster industry collaboration and innovation. With a history spanning over 140 years, POWER Magazine is a trusted resource for power professionals worldwide.
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3. Energy Global

Energy Global Energy Global stands as a premier publication under Palladian Publications, providing top-tier insights into the renewable energy sector. Established in 1947 and headquartered in Farnham, Surrey, England, the magazine reaches readers in over 150 countries, emphasizing cutting-edge developments in solar, wind, bioenergy, electric, hybrid, and energy storage technologies. With a steadfast commitment to high-quality information dissemination, Energy Global serves as a crucial resource for professionals worldwide, continuing its legacy of excellence in the dynamic field of renewable energy.
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4. Energy Digital

Energy Digital Energy Digital is a premier online magazine dedicated to the global energy sector, providing essential insights and trends for industry leaders and executives. The publication offers a multifaceted platform that includes exclusive interviews, in-depth analysis, and top-tier case studies, engaging readers through webinars, white papers, and live events. With a broad reach of over 54,000 monthly online views and a substantial executive email distribution, Energy Digital is a trusted resource for fostering innovation and collaboration in the energy community, driving digital transformation and technological advancements in the sector.
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5. Energy, Oil & Gas Magazine

Energy, Oil & Gas Magazine Energy, Oil & Gas magazine (EOG) is a premier publication that delves into the core operations of the global energy industry. With a robust readership exceeding 102,000 subscribers worldwide, the magazine offers in-depth insights for senior executives in the energy sector, covering a wide range of topics from traditional oil and gas to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydro. EOG stands out for its dedication to industry best practices and emerging trends, providing a platform for comprehensive discussions on all facets of the energy landscape.
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6. Energy Industry Review

Energy Industry Review Energy Industry Review is an independent media project that originated as the Petroleum Industry Review. It offers a comprehensive range of media tools, including a monthly print magazine, a web platform, photography, and event planning services. The magazine, featuring ten print issues annually, primarily focuses on Romania's energy sector but also covers the broader Black Sea region, Europe, and the Middle East. Through in-depth interviews, analyses, and expert articles, Energy Industry Review provides valuable insights and innovative solutions for professionals in the energy industry.
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7. Energy Magazine

Energy Magazine Energy Magazine is a leading publication dedicated to exploring the future of energy, addressing critical industry questions, and providing insightful, technology-neutral content. Published by Prime Creative Media, Australia's largest B2B publisher, the magazine covers a range of topics including renewable energy, smart energy, and network digitization. Editor Katie Livingston, an experienced journalist and content creator, leads the editorial team. The magazine strives to offer thought-provoking content from top industry professionals, supporting the growth and innovation of the energy sector in Australia.
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8. Recharge News

Recharge News Recharge News is a leading business intelligence source dedicated to the renewable energy industry. It offers award-winning coverage on significant developments in wind and solar power, providing comprehensive news, in-depth features, and expert analysis. Recognized globally, Recharge News caters to professionals and enthusiasts keen on the latest advancements and trends in renewable energy. The publication is part of DN Media Group, emphasizing quality journalism and industry insights to keep readers informed about the dynamic energy sector?
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9. CGA Energy Magazine

CGA Energy Magazine ENERGY Magazine, a publication of the Canadian Gas Association, offers insightful coverage on the role of energy, particularly natural gas, within Canada's energy landscape. Each issue features profiles of key energy players, analyses of current energy debates, and explorations into the politics surrounding energy. The magazine aims to inform and stimulate discussion through contributions from respected columnists, reporters, and analysts. Notably, it includes perspectives from various political commentators and industry leaders, making it a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the energy sector.
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10. Energy Efficiency Magazine

Energy Efficiency Magazine Energy Efficiency Magazine is a dedicated and independent media platform focusing on promoting energy efficiency worldwide. The magazine features short articles from renowned international and energy experts, showcasing the latest innovations and achievements in the field. With contributions from over 100 authors across 20 countries, it serves as a vital resource for energy and environment professionals in both the private and public sectors, including NGOs and IGOs. Issued annually during global climate conferences like COP, the magazine has been recognized as an 'endorsed initiative' by the scientific committee of COP23.
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11. BEST Magazine

BEST Magazine BEST (Batteries and Energy Storage Technology) Magazine, a premier resource in the battery industry, has been delivering independent insights for over 20 years. Catering to a wide range of industry professionals, BEST provides in-depth news, features, and technical insights on various electrochemical technologies, including lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. The magazine's offerings extend to digital, print, and social media, making it a must-read for those in the stationary and automotive battery markets. Additionally, BEST publishes a Mandarin edition for the Chinese market and a weekly e-newsletter, the BEST Battery Briefing.
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12. Wood Bioenergy Magazine

Wood Bioenergy Magazine Wood Bioenergy Magazine is a leading publication dedicated to the wood-to-energy industry, covering wood pellets, biomass power, biofuels, in-woods chipping, and biomass procurement. With over 90 years of combined editorial experience, the magazine offers in-depth reports from field visits and interviews with industry professionals. Key editorial team members include Jessica Johnson (Managing Editor), Dan Shell (Senior Editor), Rich Donnell (Editor-in-Chief), and David Abbott (Senior Associate Editor).
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13. OGV Energy

OGV Energy OGV Energy is a premier engagement platform dedicated to the energy sector, offering industry news, events, digital media, and recruitment solutions. Through its printed and digital publications, including OGV Magazine and OGV Jobs newspaper, OGV Energy reaches approximately 400,000 unique visitors monthly. The platform supports the energy industry with timely updates via OGV News, OGV Events, OGV TV, and the OGV Jobs Board, aiming to enhance communication and engagement within the sector.
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14. North American Clean Energy

North American Clean Energy North American Clean Energy (NACE) is a premier magazine dedicated to the renewable energy sector, providing the latest news, articles, and product reviews on solar, wind, energy storage, and alternative energies. With a commitment to sustainability, NACE serves as a vital resource for professionals, policy-makers, and enthusiasts aiming to stay informed about innovations and trends in clean energy. The magazine also highlights significant industry events and offers insights from leading experts in the field.
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15. Energy News for Professionals

Energy News for Professionals is a comprehensive online magazine dedicated to energy professionals, providing in-depth coverage of various energy sectors including renewable energy, fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and hydrogen energy. It features a range of articles on energy policy, corporate strategy, and environmental issues, offering valuable insights for industry experts. The magazine is designed to be a global resource, with specific editions tailored for international, Asian, and US markets. serves as an essential platform for keeping up with the latest developments, trends, and job opportunities in the energy industry.
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16. New Energy World Magazine

New Energy World Magazine New Energy World is a dynamic magazine published by the Energy Institute, dedicated to the comprehensive coverage of the global energy industry's transition toward decarbonization. It offers in-depth insights on reducing emissions in traditional energy sectors, enhancing energy efficiency, and pioneering renewable and low-carbon technologies. The magazine features exclusive articles for members, while also providing open-access news and commentaries. New Energy World serves as a vital resource for industry professionals seeking to stay informed about the latest developments and innovations in the energy sector.
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17. Bioenergy Insight

Bioenergy Insight Bioenergy Insight, established in 2010, is a prominent magazine dedicated to delivering comprehensive news, market analysis, and technical articles on the biomass, biogas, and biopower industries. Published six times a year, it aligns with major industry events, offering its readership, which exceeds 18,000 professionals, the latest industry news, technical advancements, and exclusive interviews with sector experts. The magazine collaborates closely with key industry associations like the European Biomass Association and the US Pellet Fuels Institute, ensuring timely updates on policies and regulations. Tom Daldry serves as the editorial lead.
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18. Clean Energy Wire

Clean Energy Wire Clean Energy Wire (CLEW) is a premier source for journalism focused on Germany's energy transition and its global implications. Founded on the principles of cross-border and cross-beat perspectives, CLEW connects international reporters through the CLEW Journalism Network to enhance the quality of energy transition journalism. The editorial team includes Milou Dirkx, among others. CLEW offers comprehensive news coverage, in-depth analysis, and extensive resources to support journalists worldwide, emphasizing collaboration and expertise sharing in the field of renewable energy and climate policy.
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19. Decarbonisation Technology

Decarbonisation Technology Decarbonisation Technology is a premier magazine dedicated to advancing the transition to sustainable fuels and energy. It offers in-depth insights and innovative solutions for reducing carbon footprints across various industries. The publication covers a broad spectrum of topics, including carbon capture, sustainable aviation fuels, and electrification of industrial processes. The editorial team collaborates with industry leaders to provide cutting-edge research and practical strategies for achieving net-zero emissions. This resource is essential for professionals committed to environmental sustainability and technological advancement in the energy sector.
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FORESIGHT FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is a leading publication dedicated to providing comprehensive insights into the global transition to a decarbonized energy economy. Known for its in-depth journalism and expert analysis, FORESIGHT focuses on essential developments in the energy sector rather than daily news. With a commitment to objective reporting, the magazine caters to decision-makers worldwide, offering valuable perspectives on the forces shaping the future of energy. The editorial team includes international experts who contribute high-quality content that is both informative and visually appealing?
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21. Energy Post

Energy Post Energy Post is an independent publication founded in 2013, dedicated to delivering reliable information and in-depth analysis on the European and global energy sectors. Edited by Arasan Aruliah and published by Matthew James, it offers a platform for policymakers, market players, and analysts to engage in meaningful debate. The magazine covers a wide array of topics, including renewables, policy, oil and gas, and technological advancements, aiming to promote fairness, sustainability, and transparency in the energy dialogue.
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22. Energy News Network

Energy News Network The Energy News Network is a nonprofit news site dedicated to keeping influencers, policymakers, and citizens informed about the transition to a clean energy economy. Founded in 2010 as Midwest Energy News, it now offers regional services covering the Southeast, Northeast, and Western United States. The magazine is published by Fresh Energy and maintains editorial independence, providing comprehensive coverage on clean energy policies, technologies, and trends.
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23. Power Info Today

Power Info Today Power Info Today is a leading magazine dedicated to the power generation industry, offering in-depth news, views, and developments in both renewable and conventional energy sectors. Catering to C-level executives and industry professionals, it provides comprehensive coverage on solar, wind, tidal, hydroelectric, nuclear, thermal, and oil & gas energy sources. The magazine also highlights advancements in technology, policy updates, and industry trends. Power Info Today is designed by Leo MarCom Pvt. Ltd., and it serves as a vital resource for industry leaders to stay informed and connected.
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24. Utility Dive

Utility Dive Utility Dive provides in-depth journalism and insightful analysis on key trends and developments shaping the utility industry. Covering a wide range of topics such as smart grid technology, clean energy, and regulatory changes, the magazine is a critical resource for industry professionals. It is known for delivering detailed, up-to-date content that helps executives, policymakers, and other stakeholders stay informed and make better decisions. Through its comprehensive newsletters and online content, Utility Dive offers a blend of news, trends, and expert opinions essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of the utility sector.
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25. Solar Industry Magazine

Solar Industry Magazine Solar Industry Magazine is a leading publication offering in-depth coverage and analysis of the solar energy sector. It provides industry professionals with comprehensive assessments of the latest technology, tools, and trends driving the solar market. The magazine covers a wide range of topics, including developments in solar power technology, policy updates, and market insights. Solar Industry Magazine is a valuable resource for staying informed about advancements in solar energy, from raw materials to end-user applications, helping industry participants navigate and succeed in this dynamic field.
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26. pv Magazine USA

pv Magazine USA PV Magazine USA, launched in July 2016, is a prominent online publication dedicated to the U.S. solar photovoltaics community. The magazine focuses on the latest developments in solar PV technology and business, delivering independent, technology-focused reporting. Covering a range of topics from residential and commercial PV applications to energy storage and market trends, PV Magazine USA caters to industry professionals including PV manufacturers, project developers, and financial executives. It is part of a global network of PV Magazine platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the solar industry.
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27. TEI Times

TEI Times The Energy Industry Times (TEI Times) is a leading publication dedicated to providing comprehensive news and analysis on the global power sector. Under the editorial leadership of Junior Isles, the magazine covers a wide range of topics including renewable energy, energy storage, and environment policy. With contributions from experienced editors like Nadia Weekes and David Flin, TEI Times offers in-depth articles, expert commentary, and industry insights, making it an essential resource for professionals and enthusiasts in the energy sector.
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28. Energetica India

Energetica India Energetica India is a leading trade publication focusing on the renewable and conventional power generation sectors. Established in 2009, it offers in-depth news, technology trends, and market insights tailored for energy professionals. Published eight times a year, the magazine is widely read online by over 200,000 energy experts globally. It provides valuable resources for industry decision-makers, ensuring they stay informed about the latest developments in the energy sector. Key editorial figures include Eugenio Pérez de Lema, Editor, and Gisela Bühl, Coordinator?.
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29. Energy Source & Distribution

Energy Source & Distribution Energy Source & Distribution (ES&D) is Australia's premier publication for the electricity generation, transmission, and distribution industry. Established nearly 20 years ago, the magazine transitioned online in 2016 to deliver timely news. Targeting senior executives, managers, and engineers, ES&D covers the latest in energy news, industry trends, and major projects. Owned by The Magazine Publishing Company (TMPC), a family-run business led by Alan Kirk, ES&D has garnered numerous awards, establishing TMPC as Queensland's most decorated publisher.
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30. Only Natural Energy

Only Natural Energy Only Natural Energy (ONE) is a magazine dedicated to providing unbiased, insightful articles on climate change, energy policies, and new technologies in the energy sector. Striving for a balance between natural resource exploitation and environmental preservation, ONE focuses on the intersection of sustainability and energy use. The editorial team, including Editor-in-Chief Emilio Godoy and contributors such as Maurizio Bongioanni and Thomas Schueneman, ensures a diverse range of perspectives and topics. The magazine emphasizes the importance of maintaining compatibility between energy production and the natural environment.
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