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Counterpunch is a left-wing online magazine. CounterPunch is based in the United States and covers politics in a manner its editors describe as "muckraking with a radical attitude".
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Counterpunch Editors

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Author Name Email Media Outlet Total Posts
Thomas Knappcounterpunch.org38
Howard Lisnoffcounterpunch.org28
David Yearsleycounterpunch.org28
Peter Bachcounterpunch.org24
Gerald Epsteincounterpunch.org16
L. Michael Hagercounterpunch.org15
Jeffrey St. Claircounterpunch.org15
Karl Grossmancounterpunch.org12
Youssef Chouhoudcounterpunch.org12
Nick Pembertoncounterpunch.org12
Cesar Chelalacounterpunch.org12
David Rosencounterpunch.org12
Danny Shawcounterpunch.org12
Eve Ottenbergcounterpunch.org12
Sonali Kolhatkarcounterpunch.org10
Daniel Warnercounterpunch.org9
Steve Earlycounterpunch.org9
Stanley L. Cohencounterpunch.org9
Ron Jacobscounterpunch.org9
W. T. Whitneycounterpunch.org9
Walt Pattersoncounterpunch.org9
Melvin Goodmancounterpunch.org9
Lindsay Schakenbach Regelecounterpunch.org9
Kim C. Domenicocounterpunch.org9
Kathleen Wallacecounterpunch.org9
Alexandra Isfahani-Hammondcounterpunch.org9
Joel Schlosbergcounterpunch.org9
Jeff Macklercounterpunch.org9
Gregory Elichcounterpunch.org9
Winslow Myerscounterpunch.org9
Gökçenur Baycounterpunch.org9
Ellen P. Aprill – Jill Horwitzcounterpunch.org9
Craig Mokhiber – Phyllis Benniscounterpunch.org8
Graham Peeblescounterpunch.org8
M. Reza Behnamcounterpunch.org6
Boris Kagarlitskycounterpunch.org6
Tom H. Hastingscounterpunch.org5
Medea Benjamin - Nicolas J. S. Daviescounterpunch.org4
Susan Robertscounterpunch.org4
Charles Piersoncounterpunch.org4
Gregory D. Fostercounterpunch.org4
George Wuerthnercounterpunch.org4
Chloe Atkinsoncounterpunch.org1
William Trollingercounterpunch.org1
Raouf J.