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Arthritis Magazines

Here are 10 Best Arthritis Magazines you should follow in 2023

1. Versus Arthritis

Versus Arthritis UK
We are Versus Arthritis. We're the 10 million people living with arthritis. We're the carers, researchers, healthcare professionals, friends, parents,... runners and fundraisers all united in our ambition to ensure that one day, no one will have to live with the pain, fatigue and isolation that arthritis causes.more
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2. BMC » Arthritis Research & Therapy

BMC » Arthritis Research & Therapy London, England, UK
Arthritis Research and Therapy is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal, publishing original articles in the area of musculoskeletal and therapy as well as, reviews, commentaries and reports.more
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3. Wiley Online Library » Arthritis & Rheumatology

Wiley Online Library » Arthritis & Rheumatology Arthritis & Rheumatology, an official journal of the American College of Rheumatology, is a peer-reviewed publication for scientists and clinicians in...terested in the natural history, pathophysiology, treatment, and outcome of the rheumatic diseases. The journal publishes the highest quality basic and clinical research related to the rheumatic diseases, encompassing a wide range of areas of investigative activity. In addition, Arthritis & Rheumatology publishes review articles, editorials, and other educational material intended for both researchers and clinicians.more
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4. » Rheumatoid arthritis » Rheumatoid arthritis London, England, UK
Latest news and research from on the topic of Rheumatoid arthritis. Nature Portfolio is here to serve the research community by publishing ...its most significant discoveries and findings that advance knowledge and address some of the greatest challenges that we face as a society today.more
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5. Arthritis Digest

Arthritis Digest UK
Arthritis Digest magazine is essential reading for anyone with arthritis, fibromyalgia, Sjogren's syndrome, and chronic pain. It's extremely i...nformative, packed full of news on the latest research, highlights useful products and foods to try, and contains celebrity interviews.more
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6. SAGE Journals » Clinical Medicine Insights: Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders

SAGE Journals » Clinical Medicine Insights: Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders Clinical Medicine Insights: Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal focusing on all aspects of... the prevention, diagnosis, and management of arthritis and autoimmune disease and diseases of the bones and cartilage, in addition to related genetic, pathophysiological, and epidemiological topics.more
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7. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage

Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Osteoarthritis and Cartilage is the official journal of the Osteoarthritis Research Society International. It is an international, multidisciplinary j...ournal that disseminates information for the many kinds of specialists and practitioners concerned with osteoarthritis. The Journal fosters the cross-fertilization of findings from both the clinical and basic sciences of the various disciplines involved, including Osteoarthritis, Cartilage, Molecular biology, Clinical pharmacology, and more.more
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8. Arthritis Foundation

Arthritis Foundation Atlanta, Georgia, US
Get the latest information on arthritis news, patient stories, diet tips and much more at Arthritis Foundation publication.
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9. ScienceDirect » Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism

ScienceDirect » Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism With a CiteScore of 8.2 and an Impact Factor of 5.431, Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism provide access to the highest-quality clinical, therapeuti...c, and translational research about arthritis, rheumatology, and musculoskeletal disorders that affect the joints and connective tissue. Each bimonthly issue includes articles giving you the latest diagnostic criteria, consensus statements, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses as well as clinical and translational research studies.more
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Author Name Email Media Outlet Total Posts
Iona Walton 15
Abhishek Abhishek, Sara K. Tedeschi, Tristan Pas 2
Audrey Paoletti, Bineta Ly, Catherine Cailleau, 2
Daphne J. Theodorou, Stavroula J. Theodorou, Nik 2
Gang Wang, Ning Zhuo, Zhichun Liu 2
Ji Soo Kim, Adrianne Woods, Laura Gutierrez‐Alam 2
Kunjan Khanna, Hui Yan, Muneshwar Mehra, Nidhi 2
Sara Alehashemi, Surendra Dasari, Anvitha Metpal 2
Zsuzsanna H. McMahan, Subhash Kulkarni, Felipe A 2
Jean Paul Higuero Sevilla, Areeka Memon and Moniqu 2
Adelle S. Jee, Iain Stewart, Peter Youssef, Ste 1
Angus T. Stock, Sarah Parsons, Damian B. D'Silva 1
Anne Gigout, Daniela Werkmann, Stephanie Menges, 1
Anniina Virtanen, Maaria Palmroth, Sanna Liukkon 1
Benjamin N. Rome, Aaron S. Kesselheim 1
Bita Shakoory, Ashley Geerlinks, Marta Wilejto, 1
Carlos Perez‐Sanchez, Alejandro Escudero‐Contrera 1
Catherine E. Simpson, Anna R. Hemnes, Megan Grif 1
Céline Mortier, Katrien Quintelier, Ann‐Sophie D 1
David S. Pisetsky 1
Dinesh Khanna, Christopher P. Denton, Daniel E. 1
Edoardo Cipolletta, Laila J. Tata, Georgina Naka 1
Emma Materne, Hyon Choi, Baijun Zhou, Karen H. 1
Eric Matteson 1
Ezgi D. Batu, Seher Sener, Seza Özen 1
Francesco Muratore, Chiara Marvisi, Elena Galli, 1
Gaetane Nocturne, Xavier Mariette 1
Gang Wang, Ning Zhuo, Dong Yan, Zhichun Liu 1
Gang Wang, Ning Zhuo, Ying Luo, Leixi Xue, Mei 1
Gillian A. Hawker 1
Gouri Koduri, Joshua J Solomon 1
Gregg E. Dinse, Christine G. Parks, Clarice R. W 1
Guannan Su, Peizeng Yang 1
Hanlin Yin, Oliver Distler, Lichong Shen, Xiaoj 1
Hasan Yazici, Hande Ogun, Yusuf Yazici 1
Hasan Yazici, Yusuf Yazici 1
Hiroyuki Nakamura, Tsutomu Tanaka, Changyu Zheng 1
Hussain Jaffery, Carmen Huesa, Sabarinadh Chilak 1
Jacob S. Berkowitz, Tracy Tabib, Hanxi Xiao, Ga 1
James M. Ward, Mythri Ambatipudi, Terrance P. O' 1
Javier Martínez‐López, Ana Márquez, Francesco Pe 1
Jean W. Liew, Mohamed Jarraya, Ali Guermazi, Jo 1
Jessica L. Bloom, Kaci Pickett‐Nairn, Lori Silve 1
Jie Wei, Hyon K. Choi, Nicola Dalbeth, Nancy E. 1
Jie Zheng, Eleanor Wheeler, Maik Pietzner, Till 1
Jifeng Tang, Ziqing Yu, Jinfang Xia, Renquan Ji 1
Jin Kyun Park, Yun Jong Lee, Kichul Shin, Eun H 1
Joan T. Merrill, Joel Guthridge, Miles Smith, J 1
Joe E. Mouawad, Matthew Sanderson, Shailza Sharm 1
Joeri W. van Straalen, Lianne Kearsley‐Fleet, Je 1
Joris Roels, Ann‐Sophie De Craemer, Thomas Renso yliroeannibrl.wiley 1
Joshua F. Baker, David R. Weber, Tuhina Neogi, eynnroiallirb.wiley 1
Joyce C. Chang, Cameron C. Young, Eyal Muscal, nibrlnrolyeia.wiley 1
Junyan Qian, Ying Chen, Xinzhuang Yang, Qian Wa roiaenllryinb.wiley 1
Karina Patasova, Ingrid E Lundberg, Marie Holmqv oelarnlyrinib.wiley 1
Kenneth T. Gao, Emily Xie, Vincent Chen, Claudi aniybirloernl.wiley 1
Kritika Singh, Durga P. Misra yaiirbnneorll.wiley 1
Lanlan Ji, Rui Wang, Zhuoli Zhang norlabrlyeini.wiley 1
Laura E. Schanberg, Lily (Yeruk) Mulugeta, Bolan rliiraenonlby.wiley 1
Laura K. Hummers ayibnonlrleir.wiley 1
Léa Debrut, Margherita Giannini, Delphine Klein, oblynrierilan.wiley 1
Leonard H Calabrese, Cassandra M Calabrese, Eliz iyrlnebrinalo.wiley 1
Lihi Eder, Ker‐Ai Lee, Vinod Chandran, Jessica lrannlobiryei.wiley 1
Luyun Fan, Junru Chen, Lili Pan, Xiaohong Xin, rbirnlanloeyi.wiley 1
M Rashedul Hoque, Leo Lu, Narsis Daftarian, Joh iraninrbloeyl.wiley 1
Matthew A. Sherman, A. Yasmine Kirkorian, Michae ioeilarlbnynr.wiley 1
Matthew J. Koster, Umar Ghaffar, Tanaz A. Kerman baiirnllenyor.wiley 1
Megan E. B. Clowse, Jing Li, Amanda G. Snyderman ylnreroinliab.wiley 1
Meng Zhao, Mitchell Kronenberg irnboyiraleln.wiley 1
Mika M. Tabata, Luqman Mushila Hodgkinson, Tiffa ilrenbilanryo.wiley 1
Ming Wang, Rui Li, Han Qi, Lei Pang, Lingling iyibllrrneona.wiley 1
Morgan Essex, Valeria Rios Rodriguez, Judith Rad nierlnaloyirb.wiley 1
Nathalie E. Marchand, Yang Hu, Mingyang Song, B noanyilbirler.wiley 1
Nihel Khoudour, Florence Delestre, Fabienne Jabo iirnonllraeby.wiley 1
Nina Emeršič, Tadej Avčin lyribrinanelo.wiley 1
Pankaj Bansal ronyalirebnli.wiley 1
Paul A. Monach alriyobnnilre.wiley 1
Paul F. Dellaripa, Thomas Bush, Frederick W. Mil byirelroinnal.wiley 1
Peter C. Grayson, Cristina Ponte, Joanna C. Robs rnbniieroyall.wiley 1
Peter Stoustrup, Cory M Resnick, Shelly Abramowi ynirnillebrao.wiley 1
Philip Mease, Philip Helliwell, Paula Silwinska‐ relnrnyiiobal.wiley 1
Pierre‐Marie Duret, Cedric Schleiss, Lou Kawka, lbrelionyarin.wiley 1
Raquel López‐Mejías, Miguel Ángel González‐Gay blriliryenaon.wiley 1
Remco G. A. Erkens, Jorg J. A. Calis, Anouk Verw eniilranbyolr.wiley 1
Rouhin Sen, Emmeline Kim, Ruth J. Napier, Eliza yelloirnirnab.wiley 1
S. Reza Jafarzadeh, Tuhina Neogi, Daniel K. Whit lroiynlinareb.wiley 1
Shuangshuang Gu, Jinsong Zhang, Xiaxia Han, Hui rybenlrinioal.wiley 1
Stacey R. Dillon, Lawrence S. Evans, Katherine E ryoilnnlaibre.wiley 1
Susan M. Goodman, Bryan D. Springer, Antonia F. nbleroylirain.wiley 1
Taku Ebata, Mohamad Alaa Terkawi, Keita Kitahara ilenrliroyban.wiley 1
Thomas Welte, Lukas Westermann, Julia Kappes, M lnroilyebarni.wiley 1
Toni Hospach, Alexandre Belot, Michael W. Beresf onyinrbalerli.wiley 1
Vijay Joshua, Malena Loberg Haarhaus, Aase Hensv rlioiarnelbyn.wiley 1
Wei‐Chiao Kao, Po‐Cheng Shih, James Cheng‐Chung nablenrroyili.wiley 1
Wenhui Xie, Zhuoli Zhang nniyraloilbre.wiley 1
Xiaohui Meng, Zechuan Chen, Teng Li, Zhixing Ni nloyrinlbirae.wiley 1
Xiaoqing Zheng, Mikhail G. Dozmorov, Colleen E. lionyrrinebal.wiley 1
Xinping Tian, Mengtao Li, Nan Jiang, Peter A. M iirnllyaronbe.wiley 1
Xinping Tian, Mengtao Li, Nan Jiang, Yang Zhao, ynolanrebiirl.wiley 1
Yann Nguyen, Benoît Blanchet, Murray B Urowitz, rlrinioyelban.wiley 1
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